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1 Month Unlimited Yoga $39 Intro - New Students
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Stretch, Strengthen and Heal with Bikram Hot Yoga

If you're looking to increase flexibility, stretch and strengthen your body & improve athletic performance with yoga classes, try Bikram Yoga Aurora.  Perhaps you want to lose weight and improve your general overall health, then this practice is for you. 

All adults are welcome; Bikram Yoga is designed for beginners. 

The key to better health with a Bikram Yoga practice is the more you practice, the better you begin to feel so consistency will make all the difference in how you feel during and after class.   It is encouraged that you take as many classes as possible when you first start to see the rapid results of Bikram Yoga.  The more often you practice, the body begins to heal naturally and soon you begin to feel and look better.  Sign-up today!


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One Month

Unlimited Yoga

No Commitment 


New Students OR Last Visit > 6 months

+ Free Mat & Towel with each visit

+ Coupon $20 Off Way Mat*

+ 1 Free Week Buddy Pass

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Per Month

Unlimited Yoga

No Commitment

+ 20% Off First Month*

+ 10% Off Workshops

+ 10% Off Retail**

+ 3 Free Week Buddy Passes

 Kids 13 & Under Free***

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*When purchased during Intro
** Excludes Water & Electrolytes
*** Kids may join class during Floor Series
30 day email notice to cancel Autopay


1 CLASS $25 / $20 YOUTH

Drop In For a Single class

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10 CLASS PACK $165

Expires 12 months

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Receive 10% off class packages when purchased during Intro.
No Refunds, Transfers, Extensions, or Suspensions.

Mat Rental $5, Towel Rental $2, Mat & Towel Service monthly charge
Mat & TOWEL Service $35

Water & Coconut Water available for purchase + filtered watering station for your bottle.

liability waiver

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Bikram Yoga Aurora is a completely independent, locally owned and women owned business
and will stay as such in order to maintain the highest quality of service.
Our primary focus is right here in our local community and it's always our intention to provide the best yoga and care.