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Open Your Heart and Mind to Bikram Yoga

We are OLD SCHOOL Bikram Yoga.  We offer the "Original Hot Yoga" a Beginner's series of 26 postures, 90 minutes, 105F with 40% humidity.

We honor and respect the lineage of the yoga practice that's proven to heal. We strive to deliver the ultimate 90 minute Bikram yoga experience.  Practice at BIKRAM YOGA AURORA, in Aurora, Illinois, and learn how to heal and protect your body and mind. Eating right and staying hydrated will help you experience all the benefits of this amazing practice. 

1 Month Unlimited Yoga $39 Intro - New Students
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Benefits Of the Heat

Practicing hot yoga has benefits beyond its ability to increase sweating and weight loss. In addition to fueling your practice, a heated room helps to:

• Improve Circulation • Build Endurance
• Flush Toxins From the Body • Increase Flexibility
• Achieve a Deeper Stretch • Burn Calories

Eat Light

It is best to practice on an empty stomach, so avoid eating two to three hours before class. If you feel that you need to eat something, we recommend a piece of fruit or an energy bar. If you are feeling sluggish, dizzy, or even nauseous during or after a class you may be dehydrated or mineral deficient. If you feel that you need to supplement your diet, electrolytes are a perfect ratio of sodium and potassium. Have some apples and celery juice, a banana, or an avocado.

Drink Lots Of Water

We have water bottles for sale and advise that you drink plenty of water before class. Your body needs two to three liters on a regular day and three to four liters on days that you do Bikram. Most of your water intake should be at least two hours before and after class.

Weight Loss

In a 90-minute Bikram class, you can burn between 350 and 500 calories. As you feel better about your body you will begin to make better food choices, and your cravings for sugar, salt, and caffeine will decrease.

Practice Regularly

While one class is better than nothing, you should aim to practice as often as you can. For great results, practice three times a week. For life-changing results, do six times a week.

Attire and Mats

Dress light in fitted clothing and avoid baggy clothing, heavy cotton pants, and long sleeves. Shorts and a sleeveless top work best. You will be barefoot during the practice so do not worry about shoes. Bring a large towel and yoga mat with you or rent them from us. We also recommend that you bring an extra towel to dry off with, a change of clothes, and a bag for your wet clothes for after class.